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Art Classes

Tuition and visit to Laredo:

Classes on-site for young artists or adults can be booked for a maximum period of one week for the price of 450 USD, for four hours per day, for five days.

If you need accommodation in the beautiful town of Laredo, you may lodge at the artist's flat. Book online through Airbnb.

  • Only breakfast is included with the Airbnb fees, but other meals can be served at an extra cost of 20 USD per day.

  • The artist can arrange for transportation from Bilbao or Santander airport on arrival for the transfer to Laredo at no extra cost.

  • If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art or commissioning a special one during your five-day art classes, don't hesitate to contact the artist in advance of your travel to receive a proper quotation.

  • Please indicate desired dates as there may be high demand on specific dates, especially during the summer.

A view of a Laredo barrio

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